Frequently Asked Questions About Rally Cars

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If you do not know about race cars, you might only have heard of formula one race cars. However, formula one race cars are only one of the different types of race cars. One such car used for rally racing is rally cars. Most people do not know about rally cars. They are specifically designed to drive a rally. For entering the rally car racing competitions, the rally cars must be built according to the regulations set by FIA. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about rally cars.

How Is A Rally Car Built?

At first glance, a rally car looks exactly like a regular passenger car. However, the similarity is only in the bodyshell. The rally car is made by remodeling a regular car. First, you have to take every part of the car apart and remove anything that is not necessary to make it lighter. Install all the essential parts like the engines, brakes, electronics, and racing seats, etc. which are used in a car that participates in sports car racing. You need to remember that all the parts installed in the rally car should comply with the FIA regulations.

What Type Of Fuel Is Used In Rally Cars?

Rally racings are not as sophisticated as a formula one racing. Rally crews drive on a budget and they do not use any special type of fuels in the cars. Like a regular car, rally cars commonly use petrol fuel. Rally crews that have high budgets and participate in the World Rally Championship use racing fuel that has a higher octane number. 

Which Tires Are Used In Rally Cars?

Rally cars may look similar to regular cars, but they do not use the same tires. They use specialized racing tires that can be used in any type of terrain. 

How Fast Are Rally Cars?

Unlike most of the other racing cars, total high speed is not an important thing in rally cars. It is all about the speed that can be generated while going through the corners of the race track. On average, current rally cars can reach up to 125 mph on a straight tarmac road. However, the FIA keeps an average rally stage speed of 80 mph for the safety of the crews and the spectators.

Which Type Of Suspension Is Used In Rally Cars?

The suspensions used in rally cars depend on the terrain they are driving on. Harder and stiffer suspensions are used for rally cars that race on tarmac roads.

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