Want To Get Started With Car Racing? Here Is What You Should Know

Rally Car Racing
Rally Car Racing
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Car Racing Track

You must have tanked some miles on the odometer before you reached this post, as these are some tips for you to begin your journey into the car racing circuit.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The same way it is with skateboarders and surfers, novice racers generally unintentionally begin with their foot “forward”, while those who line-up at the start are termed as goofy footed if they have their left foot forward.

Most novice car racers including you will start with one-foot starts. This is where one foot is resting on the pedal and the other on the floor to keep you balanced of sorts.

Most veterans have adopted the two-footed start. The way to do this is to learn from regional experts, monitor them and then practice it in your own runs. Remember, you only need to apply a bit of force on your forward pedal and not push it down all the way like a madman!

Taking It Slow: At Your Own Pace

The magic to learning the tricks to the trade is to learn slow and effective. For a sport that relies on speed, quick wits and speedy reflexes, learning quickly will do more harm than good. Take it slow in your first two or three laps.

Keep in mind that even Schumacher started off like you! Stick to a single car racing track in the beginning year and practice feverishly. Don’t be in a haste to try new tracks and circuits.

Learn From The Best

There are many top experts in the racing industry that travel across the country helping novices to fine tune their strategy. Attending one such session can bring in a wealth of knowledge that you can then apply in your next practice run.

Don’t stop yourself from asking questions, however dumb! Chances are your peers are thinking of the same but couldn’t bring in the guts to ask.

Have Fun

Racing cars on track is one that is fun and requires you to feel the engine rumble and the track race past under your wheels. You will find yourself in the midst of passionate racers like yourself who will challenge you and bring the best out of you every step of the way. Do not be intimidated, instead charge headstrong, with commitment and hours of practice to secure a spot on the podium that you so rightly deserve!

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