How To Safely Corner Your Race Car?

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Be it an off-road, dirt track rally car racing, or a tarmac sports car racing, cornering is a very important skill that separates a newbie from a veteran. While even the most novices of drivers can steer a car to where they want to go, cornering a car and that too well, is a skill that is learned!

Every time you turn in and away from a corner, you and your car are exposed to strong centrifugal forces, the force that pulls you out of a tight turn. If you are not able to counteract this force well enough, you will end up losing control of your vehicle. We will be running through the things that one must need to keep in mind while cornering a car:

The Basics Of Cornering That You Mustn’t Forget

  • Remember to always brake before you enter a corner. Shift down to the speed needed before you enter the turn. If you end up braking in the middle of the corner, you will cause additional frictional force that might cause you to lose control.
  • Always turn the steering wheel slowly as you turn in to the corner. Do not suddenly turn into the corner by jerking or tugging at the steering wheel. Your car will lose grip and cause it to flip over.
  • Do not try to increase the speed of the car before passing the peak of the corner or the apex. When the apex crosses and the curve begins to straighten out, hit the accelerator gradually. Remember to use the accelerator only to maintain speed, before the apex of the curve.
  • Avoid the emergency braking. Simply put, emergency brakes and corners don’t go well. There is a high risk that the car will spin out of control and should only be used if you are drifting and are a magician behind the wheel. If you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you are a novice, so keep your hands away from the emergency brakes.
  • You should maintain at least a 3-second distance between you and the car in front. Maintain a comfortable following distance as that will give you sufficient time to react to any obstacles around the corner that may be lurking!

Make sure to get some miles behind you, before you try anything fancy. As always, try what you must on a race track or an abandoned road. Be safe, and drive safer!

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