What Are the Rules of F1 Racing?

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At the time of an F1 racing event, fans from all parts of the world come over to get their dose of adrenaline rush and see their favorite racers making it to the finish line. F1 racing is one of the most famous car races and not everyone knows all of its rules clearly, which at times can lead to confusions in their minds. Here are some of the rules of F1 racing that everyone should have a clear idea of.

The One Move Rule

When a driver is clearly ahead of another on a straight line, he or she is allowed to make a move in any direction, provided that it is within the track limits. Drivers do this to defend their position and adopting more than one direction change in a straight or ‘weaving’ is not permitted in F1 racing.

Racing Side by Side with Another Car

When a driver races in front of another on the car racing track, the movement is relatively free but things take different turn when drivers race side by side on the track. The F1 racing rules clearly specify that when two cars have any of their parts alongside one another, the drivers should respect the space that the other car occupies. When cars move side by side, even the slightest move made to get ahead by changing direction will lead to a collision.

Entry to the Braking Zone

When  drivers are much ahead of the attacker, they can change direction by using the entire width of the track if required, but things become different when they are about to enter the braking zone or are already in it. Changing direction in these circumstances is dangerous because the attacker will be left with no place to go, leading to a collision.

Racing Line

Once drivers are in the corners, they would attempt to get to the racing line, which is the easiest possible path. In most cases, there would be limited space available reducing the chances of both drivers to get into the racing line and they still would want to obstruct one another in the best possible ways.

FIA sporting regulation doesn’t say much about this matter and the only thing they ask the drivers is to maintain their track limits.

Apart from the ones discussed above, F1 racing sport has many rules that every racing enthusiast should be aware of and these rules make the organization of race events rather smooth.

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