What Are The Different Types Of Race Cars?

Car Racing Track
Car Racing Track
Rally Car Racing
Rally Car Racing

There are different types of motor racing across the world and the types of race cars used in these races also differ. Whether it is a one-seater or two-seater, front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, they all are designed for high speed and better performance.

Let’s take a look at the different race car types.


When you hear car racing, you might probably think of the Formula 1 race. The cars that are used in Formula 1 racing are open-wheeled, which means the wheels of these cars sit outside the main body of the car. Open-wheel cars have only one seat.

Sports Car

This is the most common type of race cars that are made by car manufacturers all around the world. One of the main reasons why sports car racing is very popular all around the world is because of the high speed and excellent handling offered by these cars.

Cup Car

This type of race car is built by the motorsport division of Porsche to compete in the Porsche Cup Car series around the world. These race cars are very popular because of their exceptional reliability and they always come race-ready from the Porsche factory.

GT Race Cars

GT or the grand tourer is the type of racecar that is excellent for long-distance racing. Grand tourer comfortably combines high-speed performance and long-distance racing. GT race cars commonly have front-engine and rear-wheel-drive format. In terms of specifications, GT race cars are not as crude as sports cars.

Touring Car

This type of race car is used in touring car race series across the world. It is usually a heavily modified car where the body is strengthened to withstand the bumping and minor contacts during the race. Touring cars can be rear, front, or four-wheel drive. They are often based on cars like sedans and estates. Most of the components of the car will be modified for the race.

Rally Car

This is a heavily modified car used in rally car racing. Rally cars are designed specially to race at maximum speed. These types of race cars compete on surfaces that include dirt, snow, and asphalt. Rally cars are exceptionally quick and have acute handling.

Prototype Car

Prototype cars are not road-legal and are not available for the common people to purchase. This type of race car is specially designed to compete in car races that need high endurance.

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