Smooth Braking: How To Get Good At It

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It doesn’t matter where you are; racing cars on track or hitting the rough patches of the earth while rally car racing, braking is a technique that is worth getting right. When it is properly executed, it ensures the safety of not just you but everyone in the car as well; not to mention you prolonging the life of your car. Even if you just drive to the grocery store, knowing the ins and outs of braking well will suit you as well! Here are some of the ways in which you can brake smoothly and efficiently:

  • Scan the area around the vehicle when you are approaching a stopping or a slowing area. You can’t possibly reduce the speed slowly without knowing when to do so. Scan ahead for oncoming vehicles, stop lights, road markings, potential hazards and street signs. Once you are focused on the road, and have good situational awareness, then most of the work is done. Most of the accidents occur when drivers are not able to responsively brake quick enough.
  • Squeeze the brake pedal until you feel the resistance or pressure. The brake pedal is not a light switch that you can flip, but for you to gradually apply pressure and come to a smooth, complete stop.
  • Brake smoothly and brake early. You cannot expect to brake smooth if you notice the need for it in a split-second. Brake 20 feet or more from the appropriate stopping point.
  • Step down on the clutch to make it easier for your car to come to rest. Doing this will make sure that the power is cut off, and the brakes needn’t sweat as much.
  • Make sure to not go over the speed limit. Speed limits are put in place by transportation engineers after extensive surveys and considering potential hazards, keeping a mind on the traffic volume on that particular stretch of road. The faster you go, the more the distance that the car will travel before you come to a dead stop and by then, it may be too late.
  • Cover the brake when you spot potential hazards in the road ahead. Simply step off of the accelerator pedal- this will reduce the risk to crash greatly. Keep your right foot primed and ready over the brake. By doing so, you are reducing the reaction time and lessening the distance that your car will travel before it comes to a complete stop.

Apply these the next time you are behind the wheel. After all, it is your responsibility to not only safely get yourself and the passengers to the destination, but also ensure the safety of those on the road.

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