Different Types Of Motorsport Racing

Auto car racing or automobile racing has been there as early as 1867, and it provides a platform for automotive brands to demonstrate their automobile engineering prowess. People are enthusiastic about them because of the excitement and adrenaline rush that they provide when watching them. Moreover, they are one of the most entertaining forms of sports that mankind has created and as a result, they receive huge sponsorships for the teams from corporations. Listed below are some of the popular forms of motorsports.

Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 racing, also known as Grand Prix is one of the most popular categories of professional racing that has a huge audience worldwide. As a result, it has huge budgets and sponsorships from corporations. It is the pinnacle of motorsport racing and requires the development of cars that can keep up with the highly demanding rules and regulations of the race. To achieve this level of performance, high levels of engineering and huge private budgets are required by individual teams. This is because of the requirement for drivers with elite skills and high endurance to handle this superior piece of machinery.

Formula E Racing

This is the highest class of motorsport racing for single-seated electric cars and the races are conducted in specially modified urban street tracks. Similar to Formula 1 racing, this serves as the platform for automotive brands to showcase their R&D platform and technologies for electric vehicles. This race is conducted in cities such as Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Zurich and Paris and also known as e-Prix.

Sports Car Racing

This is the second most popular form of racing after Formula 1, and some of the famous races that fall under this category are 24 Hours of Le Mans racing, Daytona racing, and Nurburgring racing. These races test the durability, driver skills, endurance, the engineering quality of the automobile and speed of the pit stop crew. Usually, in these races more than being fast, the team strategy wins races. The races are run through organizations such as International Motor Sports Association and Automobile Club deL’Ouest.

Touring Car Racing

In touring car racing highly modified road cars are used and because of this there is minimal aerodynamics resulting in a lot of position battles. This type of automobile racing is very popular in Australia, U.K, Netherlands, and Germany; one of the best features of this racing is contact between vehicles is permitted. In touring car racing there are mainly two categories: sprint and endurance. The former is of short distance and tests driver skills, while the latter test engineering skill and pit stop crew skills. Besides, there are amateur touring car series races as well.

Production Car Racing

Production car racing is an amateur class racing and strictly involves production-based road cars with limited modifications like aerodynamics, suspensions, brakes, wheels, tires and power trains. There is also a professional level production car racing called ‘one make’ series that features a model or range of models of the same manufacturer. Some of the popular pro-level production racings are Lamborghini Super Trofeo, Porsche Super Cup, and Ferrari Challenge.

Stock Car Racing

One of the most popular stock car racing is the NASCAR and as the name indicates the racing cars maintain their stock looks, but under the hood, they are highly modified racing cars. The races are conducted on oval tracks and the specifications of the car are steel tube frame chassis, four-speed manual transmission, 5.8-liter pushrod V8 and 725 hp. The NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Racing) was founded in 1948 and the participating cars are regulated.

Rally Car Racing

Rallying, also known as stage rallying and takes place year-round on ice, snow, gravel, mud, sand, and dirt, or a combination of any of these terrains. But, there are paved portions in the track and they act as connectors to the off-road portions. In rallying, there is a driver and a co-driver who reads out instructions to the driver. As the name indicates the race is conducted in stages, and each stage of the rally is timed where the driver and the co-driver must navigate the course. The most famous rally series is the World Rally Championship consisting of thirteen, three-day evens conducted over a year.

Drag Racing

This is one of the simplest and oldest forms of motorsport racing, involving two or more cars in a grid next to each other. The cars race one another on a quarter-mile or eighth-mile stretch on a tarmac. When the cue light turns green, the cars accelerate to the finish line and the one that crosses the threshold first is the winner. However, if a car leaves before the cue light turns green, it is given a penalty. Even though drag racing sounds simple, it is very difficult because the timing of the launch from the start line is very critical.

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