Different Types Of Auto Racing You Need To Know

Professional Car Racing
Professional Car Racing
Sports Car Racing
Sports Car Racing

Auto racing is a popular sport among people for the thrill and excitement it provides. There are different types of professional car racing that attract a large number of people from all across the world. The following are some of the famous types of car races you should be aware of if you love auto racing.

Formula Racing

This is one among the most popular car races in the world. This is a type of single-seater and open-wheel circuit racing that is extremely popular among racing enthusiasts. Here, the wheels of the vehicles will be located outside the body, and the cars will be usually custom-designed for each racer. There will be separate circuit tracks that are specifically constructed for formula racing.

The most well-known and prestigious formula racing is the Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix. Another popular formula racing competition is the Indycar Series in North America.

Sports Car Racing

Sports cars will be two-seater vehicles that have enclosed wheels. They have two models including the grand tourers or the production-derived models and also the prototype or the purpose-built cars. One of the famous sports car racing championships is the FIA World Endurance Championship that attracts a lot of people.

Stock Car Racing

This is another professional car racing that is popular in the United States. This race utilizes production cars that are specifically customized for racing purposes. It will be usually conducted in oval tracks and will have multiple laps. NASCAR is the governing body that organizes these racing events.

Drag Racing

This is one of the basic forms of car racing. It includes racing in straight lines and this competition will be usually done in streets or tracks. Drag racing usually involves a racing stunt that is known as dragging. The cars involved in this racing can range from usual cars to specifically built dragsters. Drag racing will only have a short distance to cover which is generally 200 or 400 meters.


It involves production-based cars and will take place in off-road fields or closed public roads. The field where the rallying is conducted can vary in terms of the road width, weather conditions, or terrain. The courses where this race takes place will be made of gravel, snow, asphalt, or ice. Here, the racers normally run in a point-to-point format and will leave the starting points at regular intervals.

There are different types of professional car racing conducted in various parts of the world. Being one of the popular sports events, racing attracts a large number of people.

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