Comparison Between F1 And Indycar Racing

There are so many types of auto racing around the world. Some races are conducted on specially built circuits while other racing like off road racing takes place in hills and mountains. Among the different types of car races, Formula 1 or F1 racing is one of the most popular. However, there is a big competitor for the biggest open wheeled formula 1 racing, which is Indycar racing. Most of us may not be able to spot the differences between these two events. Therefore; this article will reveal some of the key differences between formula 1 racing and indycar racing.

Cars Used

Since we are discussing about automobile racing, the cars are the first thing to be compared. At the first look, we may not find much difference in the cars used in both these events but if you look deeper, you can find that they are entirely different. The cars used in indycar racing are having 40 inches height, and 76.50 inches width. These cars will weigh about 1620 pounds with the driver, safety tools and fuel. These cars are powered by 2.2 liter twin turbocharged engine and have a top speed of 235mph. In addition to that, this automobile comes with a six speed gear box.

On the other hand, the formula 1 car comes with a height of 37.40 inches and a width of 78.74 inches. The top speed of this type of car is 231mph. This vehicle runs with a 1.6 liter V-6 turbocharged engine and has a horsepower of 760 units. The gearbox used in this type of car is also different because it comes with 8 forward and a reverse shift. The fuel used in Indy cars is a combination of ethanol and racing gasoline but in case of F1 cars they use pure form of racing gasoline.

Racing Track

There is a huge difference between the tracks used for indycar racing and formula one racing. Basically, the difference in the track design is one of the biggest differences between these two events. The indycar races take place in simple oval tracks, that is, the automobiles will have to circulate the stadium or the circuit like an athlete running an 800 meter race. Basically, the stability of the driver is tested in these events because they will have to be steady to complete the event in the top position.

However, the case of formula 1 is entirely different. There is no uniform design for the F1 races, that is, they will take place in any type of circuits. These types of races are conducted on different circuits and never on an oval track. There will be so many twists and a turn on the track and the driver has to be not only stable but also cautious while competing in this event. The cars used in this event are also designed in such a way that to give more control to the drivers.

The Races

Formula 1 racing is a worldwide event. It takes place in different continents and in different countries in a variety of circuits. Some of the most watched events include Monaco GP and Silverstone racing. The racers of the formula 1 event may change every year but the rivals of this event are always constant. Most of the best cars of this event are built by Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault and in every season, a competition among them is one of the main attractions.    

However, the indycar races are only limited to the oval tracks and speedways of the United States of America. Compared to formula 1, this even is limited to a particular region. However, it is also one of the most watched automobile sports around the world. The Indianapolis 500 was started in 1912 and it is still one of the best race events and none of the formula 1 race can compete with the popularity of this race. Similar to the F1 races, the Honda and Chevrolet are the main competing parties of this race.

Basis Of Difference Formula 1 Indycar Racing
Car Used Engines with 1.6L V-6 Turbocharger Engine with 2.2L Twin Turbocharged
Race Track No uniform design Oval tracks and speedways
Races Monaco GP, Silverstone, etc. Indianapolis 500
Manufacturers Ferrari, McLaren and Renault Chevrolet and Honda

It is necessary to understand that formula 1 and indycar racing are two different types of sports event and the common factor between them is that both are automobile sport. Therefore, we cannot claim that one is better than the other because both have their own beauty and strength to attract the attention of race enthusiasts. Hence, it is better to appreciate both the events as they are.

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