A Brief Guide To Stock Car Racing

Car Racing Track
Car Racing Track
Car Racing Track
Car Racing Track

The stock car racing is a professional car racing that is very popular in the United States. Customized production cars are used in this type of auto racing. Generally, stock car racing is conducted on an oval, paved racing track. The origin of stock car racing is between 1919 to 1933. In this period of prohibition,  illegal operators modified private cars so as to increase speed to evade that law while smuggling liquor. Eventually, these modified cars were used for pleasure racing and they became popular in the southeastern states of the U.S.

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, is the major organizer and governing body of stock car racing. Southern 500, sprint cup series and Daytona 500 are some of the major racing events organized by NASCAR.

Types Of Stock Car Racing

In the beginning, stocks cars were any types of automobiles that were redesigned from its original factory configuration for racing. Today, stock cars mean any type of automobiles that are produced for racing. Most of the stock cars used in racing resemble a standard sedan.

There are different types of stock car racing and each of them has different rules. One of the popular stock car racing is the street stock or pure stock. Only street vehicles are used in this type of stock racing and the cars can be bought by the public.

Another type of stock car racing is super stock, which is very similar to street stock. One major difference between street stock and super stock is that more engine modifications are allowed in super stock. Superstock racing cars have a power output that ranges from 500 horsepower to 550 horsepower.

The late-model is the highest class of stock cars that are used in stock car racing. The late-model car is designed based on the terrain where the stock car racing takes place. Super late models, limited late models, and late model stock cars are the most common variations that are used in this type of racing.

Stock Car Racing Tracks

Usually, stock car racing takes place on an oval track. These tracks will have 3-4 turns to the left. Short track, speedway, and superspeedway are the three classifications of oval tracks where stock car racing takes place. The race speeds are mainly determined by the type of track in which the race is taking place, but generally, the speed ranges between 90-200 miles per hour.

The stock car racing circuits are not similar to that of the circuits used in Formula One or rally car racing. As stock cars are usually heavier than the Formula One cars, they will be generally slower in comparison. That means the stock car racing circuits will not have sharp turns or complicated twists and turns.

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