Common Signal Booster Installation Mistakes

The first and foremost solution that people choose when they badly need a signal boosting solution is the cell phone booster. However, some users report no significant improvements in signal strength even after installing signal booster for boosting mobile signal at home. In such situations, it is not the device that is to be blamed but the mistakes you might have probably made during its installation.

Let us see the possible mistakes you may make during cell phone booster installation.

Selecting The Wrong Cable

A signal booster is not just its amplifier.  The antennas and connecting cables that are part of the system design are equally important. Sometimes, you might have bought the highest quality cable but installed it in the wrong way. Likewise, you might have everything installed perfectly but may have used a low quality cable. In both cases, the signal booster performance will be affected adversely.

Selecting The Wrong Antenna

The antenna types have to be selected by taking a few factors into account. If your place has a single transmitting tower, your external antenna should be perfectly directed to the tower location. A unidirectional antenna that operates with 45 degree range proves effective in such circumstances. In the case where your place has many cell towers, you have to choose an omni-directional external antenna that operates with 360 degree range.

Placing Indoor Antenna At The Wrong Spot

The point where you place the indoor antenna should be right in the area where you require boosted signals the most. Also, pay attention to the type of indoor antenna you select. Dome antenna is designed for broadcasting signals throughout a wide area. On the other hand, panel antenna broadcasts signals to a particular direction. Not choosing the right indoor antenna type can affect the performance of the signal booster.

Not Accounting For Noise And Interference

 Signal reception is often affected by noise or network interference. Too many RF signals, high powered devices and electromagnetism are some of the factors that make it difficult to get clear signals inside. You have to take into account every factor including the indoor signal to noise ratio before selecting and installing a signal booster.

Developing a clear idea about all factors that affect the performance of cell phone boosters is important to devise the right installation procedures. In addition to measuring the outdoor signal strength, you also have to determine the percentage of signal strength that is lost as signals reach indoors.

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