All About Off Road Racing

There are so many different types of auto racing that are popular around the world. Among those, off road racing is one of the most unique forms. The main difference between normal racing and off road racing is its venue, that is, normal racing takes place in well build and maintained racing circuits and off road racing takes place in mountains or specially created tracks. Some of the frequently asked questions about off road racing are as follows.

What Is The Specialty Of Vehicles Used In Off Road Racing?

Trucks or modified automobiles are mainly used for off road races. The main feature that a vehicle must have to qualify for off road racing is 4×4 traction control. It is a system embedded in automobiles to control the wheel spin and also the braking system. Most of the modern 4×4 vehicles come with an inbuilt traction control system. It is possible for an automobile expert to install this system in any car. This is necessary because the race is supposed to take place in uneven surfaces and the driver may not be able to fully control the vehicle in normal mode.

What Are 4WD High And 4WD Low?

4WD high and 4WD low are terms used to denote the gear transmission. 4WD high is a gearing system that is used in normal vehicles. It will offer maximum speed and stability at the top gear. On the other hand, 4WD low is will make the vehicle smoother and comfortable at the low gear. It is the best setting for off road vehicles. Since these vehicles will have to go through different terrains, it will be equipped with 4WD low gearing system which will give maximum torque at low gear. It will also enable the vehicle to gain speed at lower gears.

What Do You Mean By Locking Differentials?

It is a system installed in an off road vehicle that is used to restrict the turning of right and left wheels together. In normal vehicles the turning of both wheels will be uneven as fixed by its system that is for example, if a car needs to turn left, its left wheel will have to cover only less distance compared to the right wheel. Therefore, the turning angle of the left wheel will be slightly higher than that of the right wheel. This pre-determined locking system will be a burden for off road vehicles. Thus they will be having a locking system that would give the driver full control of the wheels.        

Where Does Off Road Racing Take Place? 

The most common type of off road racing is mud racing. This race takes place in the mountains or specially built circuits. However, it is not the only place where it is conducted. Off road racing takes place in deserts and also in snow covered areas. Both sand race and snow race are similar to that of mud race but there is some difference between the vehicles used for these events. Since the depth of sand and snow are hard to identify, some special modifications to manage the horsepower and also the torque of the car will be made in those vehicles.

What Is Rock Racing?

It is a special type of off road racing that takes place in hilly areas. This race will be hosted in places with high terrain. Unlike other races, it is the stability and the efficiency of the driver that is tested in rock racing than speed. It is important to shift the gear to 4WD low and to keep a steady and slow speed during this type of racing. It is one of the most dangerous sports events because a small distraction to the driver can lead to the complete destruction of the vehicle.

Are The Tires Of An Off Road Vehicles Different?

Yes, the tires used in an off road automobile are different from that used in track racing vehicles and normal vehicles. Tires are the parts of the vehicle that helps in having contact with the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the tires are having a wider base and also a larger diameter. This is necessary for the driver to hold the vehicle stable in uneven surfaces. It is also a common practice seen among the racers to reduce the air pressure of the wheels of these vehicles because it will increase the grip by about 80 percent. 

The above mentioned are some of the most common technical doubts that arise in the minds of off road race enthusiasts. Off road racing is one of the most dangerous and exciting sports events. As we all know, every type of race car will be having their own special features to improve its performance in its environment. Similarly, so many modifications are made to the cars used for off road racing to keep the driver safe and also to keep the vehicle stable.

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