A Brief Guide To Off-Road Racing

Rally Car Racing
Rally Car Racing
Rally Car Racing
Rally Car Racing

Off-road racing is getting huge popularity these days among people who love sports car racing. Unlike formula-1 and rally car racing, rough, unmarked, and desert terrains are often used to conduct off-road racing.

There are several off-road race circuits in the United States. The most notable one is the Score International Off-Road Racing that hosts the famous Baja 1000. This off-road racing is conducted in the deserts of Baja in California.

The off-road races are generally organized by the type of vehicle used for racing. Cars, trucks, motorcycle, and the all-terrain vehicle in different custom and stock classes are used in off-road racing. Even though off-road racing was originated in North America, it is getting popular in Australia, Japan, and India.

Different Off-Road Racing Formats

Desert racing and short course racing are the two main formats of off-road racing in North America.

Desert Racing

The National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) founded by Ed Pearlman and Don Francisco organizes most of the desert races in North America. Founded in 1967, NORRA is the very first off-road racing sanctioning body. The Mexican 1000, which was conducted in 1967 was the first-ever desert racing.

Most often, desert racing is conducted on recreational lands owned by the government. The tracks for desert racing often run from 25 miles to 1000 miles and different classes of vehicles participate in the race.

Apart from the National Off-Road Racing Association, there are smaller organizations that conduct desert racing in the United States and Mexico. One such organization conducts the Vegas to Reno race, which is the longest off-road race in the United States. One other popular desert racing is the Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiast series that started in 1997.

Short Course Racing

Short course racing is the type of off-road racing that involves the racing of vehicles that are modified for off-road racing. As the name suggests, this form of racing is conducted on a dirt road closed course of length less than 10 miles.

The Crandon International Off-Road Raceway is the venue of the short course off-road racing world championships. There are several other short course racing series, such as the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and Off-Road Championship.

In many other countries, a short course racing known as the Tough or Tuff Truck Competition is very popular. In this racing, the tracks are much shorter and the racers make individual timid runs.

The off-road racing is getting huge popularity in the European countries as it is considered as one of the extreme forms of auto racing.

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