Five of the World’s Most Well-Known Car Races

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All sports have an event that gets high respect and admiration from viewers, and automobile racing is no different. Auto racing also has events that decide who the finest driver on track is. Drivers from the world take part in the following famous car races to win that coveted title, which would define their careers.

Monaco Grand Prix

This Formula One race is held once a year on the circuit of Monaco. Cars move about the small Monaco streets, randomly changing directions and traversing over 3 kilometers. The first race was held in 1929; since 1955, it has been a constant fixture of the F1 Championship. This year’s winner was Lewis Hamilton. The great Brazilian driver, Ayrton Senna won the most Monaco GP titles, which earned the nickname “Master of Monaco”.

Indianapolis 500

According to Business Insider, the NTT IndyCar Series is arguably America’s fastest racing series. It is a kind of open-wheel car racing, which occurs in May each year. The first competition was way back in 1911, and except for the years of wars, it has been continually held yearly. Driving teams race 200 laps, anticlockwise about the Speedway-based circuit, for 800 kilometers. The winner kisses the brick and drinks milk from the prize bottle, which are two traditions that stood the test of time.

24 Hours of Le Mans

In this annual race, drivers should balance the car’s speed against its capability to operate for twenty-four hours in a row, without making mechanical destruction. This is why it is nicknamed “Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency”. This race and the two above-mentioned races constitute the unofficial “Triple Crown of Motorsport”. The race occurs on the mile-long Circuit of the Sarthe, a combination of closed government roads and roads specialized for racing.

Daytona 500

This is the prestigious race of NASCAR, and the year’s first competition in the Cup Series. The year 1959 saw the first Daytona 500. Drivers race for 500 miles on the circuit, Daytona International Speedway, situated in Daytona Beach, each February. NASCAR started in Daytona Beach. Richard Lee Petty won the most titles, 7, at Daytona, which helps to explain why he is referred to as “The King”.

Bathurst 1000

The Mount Panorama Circuit stages this car race once each October. It started in 1960. The race circuit consists of government roads, but the elevation, tight roads and sharp turns challenge drivers to come up with the goods.

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