Five Best Races In The History Of Formula One

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Formula One has a long and rich history, so numerous great drivers have been part of it over the years. Over 850 races have been staged at different areas since the start of Formula One in 1950. So, choosing some of the most famous car races in its history is a gargantuan task. Anyhow, we have attempted to compile the most enthralling F1 races ever.

The Spanish Grand Prix Of 1981

Gilles Villeneuve drove a Ferrari on Circuito del Jarama to claim one of his most noteworthy F1 victories ever. Villeneuve’s Ferrari was made to be competitive in just the initial few race laps, so he decided to go past as many rival cars as he can in those laps. He positioned his vehicle at just the right spots and gave no chance to rival driver Jacques Laffite to overtake him. The thrilling race saw him taking the F1 chequered flag, with Lafitte finishing just behind him. It was a photo finish if ever there was one in sports car racing.

The German Grand Prix Of 1957

Juan Manuel Fangio’s masterful performance made this Grand Prix at Nurburgring quite memorable. Fangio was one of F1’s greatest drivers, and this is evident from the fact that he overcame a pit stop delay and a challenging circuit to claim the title. No other driver caught up with him and, as the Times would later put it, it was “the finest drive of his glorious career.”

The Sega European Grand Prix Of 1993

We are jumping timelines to 1993, which was when the best-ever F1 driver Ayrton Senna put on a master class at Donington Park. Back then, Williams Racing was the F1 team that everyone wanted to beat. Senna’s McLaren car was not as good as Williams’ vehicles, which made his victory even more special. This was another proof that Senna could beat his competitors even with an inferior sports car provided that the conditions were favorable to him.

The Italian Grand Prix Of 1971

Mainly staged at Monza, the Italian GP saw some of the closest showdowns in the history of F1. The race for the win in 1971 is among the greatest-ever in F1’s history, and it is still etched in viewers’ minds. The race also registered the quickest average speed for the track, a record that stood unbroken for 32 years here.

The Brazilian Grand Prix Of 2008

We are cheating a little with our number 5 pick for the best-ever F1 races. After all, what is an F1 race list without mentioning the sport’s greatest modern driver? Lewis Hamilton had to finish at least 5th to be the new World Champion, and he managed to do it. Anyhow, this race saw a close finish where Felipe Massa emerged victorious.

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